Ticket hike is killing movies at theatres further!


Already, emergence of new OTT platforms added to the problem of Piracy and the new ticket hike is ending the run of many films at theatres.

Every film is given permission to increase ticket rates to Rs. 200/- in city multiplexes and up to 150/- in single screens. This has become a huge problem for families to go to theatre and watch a film.

Also, they have to spend 250-300 for popcorn and other simple snacks per person and that is encouraging them to stay home and wait for Digital release of the film.

Recent releases like Ruler, Donga and even Venky Mama were unable to bring to audiences to theatres after first weekend due to the price hike.

Venky Mama recovered most of the money due to early release before the other films take over after a dry season but Prathi Roju Pandage, could only survive the price hike, but even it had to play with 70-80% full houses even on holidays.

Well, filmmakers seem to always go for golden goose hunt and kill it immediately, showing some or the reason. If they concentrate on content and keep the price under check, why wouldn’t people walk in to theatres?

Baahubali kind of movies can have price hike but even for a regular film like Software Sudheer or PRP, who is going to pay 200/- per ticket and come to theatres??

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