Tik Tok Star Is The New Sri Reddy


Ever since the #MeToo movement trended big in Hollywood, it slowly emerged into all the film industries and people started voicing out their problems. Heroines aka female actresses often face casting couch problems in the film industry and none speak about them. Hollywood #Metoo movement has in a way boosted the female actresses in India to speak against the atrocities they faced in the name of the casting couch.

Tanushree Dutta in Bollywood and Sri Reddy in Tollywood accumulated all the clout on social media and have become synonymous with the #MeToo movement. The latest actress to join the #metoo bandwagon is Elakkiya, A Tiktok star from Tamil Nadu. She is famous for posting A-grade stuff in TikTok and that’s the sole reason for her fan following. She was slammed by many women for posting such videos on TikTok to which she defended not to follow her or never use a smartphone.

Recently she debuted as an actress in Yogi Babu Film ‘Zombie’. Now, she alleged that so many bigwigs in Kollywood said that they would offer roles to her in their films and used her saying ‘adjustment’ is a must for fetching roles. Later on, the used people have never answered her calls and most of them switched off their phones.

Taking a step ahead she advised all the young women to be cautious and never ever enter films as people consider them as prey for their needs! Elakkiya is becoming the talk of the town now in Tamil Nadu and down south they are calling her as another Sri Reddy. When will the casting couch issues sort out in movies? It never ends until perverts prevail in movie industry.

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