Time for Sesh to Change the Style


Adivi Sesh has created a market for himself over the past couple of ear by making some quality thrillers in the industry. After Kshanam, the actor proved his mettle and continued it with Goodachari and the recent film Evaru. In the meantime, he did comedy caper Ami Tumi, which was a multistarrer and can’t be considered as his solo film.

Sesh is scoring successes with all these thrillers but a few industry sources are opining that the actor is falling into a loophole and sticking to the same genre every time. Right now, he is working on two films, Major and Goodachari 2. Major is the biopic of Major Unnikrishnan, who lost his life in 26/11 attacks.

Goodachari 2 is a spy thriller just like its predecessor. Both films are serious ones and might make Sesh care-of address of serious films. It is better if the actor does some experimentation with many other genres and create a name for himself.

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