Time Is Running Out For Akkineni Couple


Samantha and Naga Chaitanya joined the wedding celebrations of Venkatesh’s Daughter Aashritha upon offering couple of Television Interviews to promote ‘Majili’. Nobody knows when they would be resuming the promotional campaign again.

Putting the rumours of postponement to an end, Makers announced ‘Majili’ will be releasing on scheduled date, April 5th. There is hardly one week left for the theatrical release.

For any movie, Pre-Release Publicity is of utmost important. It’s never easy to divert the attention of the public from the political developments ahead of the 2019 Elections. Aggressive promotions are required to draw the attention of the movie goers when there is election fever. Unfortunately, No such attempt has been made by Majili Team so far. Was is due to confidence on the content or some other reason?

Teaser generated tremendous positive buzz but Makers failed to maintain the tempo. Trailer is yet to arrive. Buzz on social media kept dropping day-by-day. How could there be good openings in such a situation? Hopefully, Team Majili realises the importance of promotions before its too late.

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