Trade Buzz Sye Raa has a dull Saturday


Fans might be defending the numbers on social media, anti-fans might be coming up with proofs for less occupancy, but the Sye Raa film is facing problems due to ticket hike.

The hiked rates for 1st and 2nd weeks were introduced for Mega films way back in 2004-05 season as the long run for films started decreasing. Producers decided to safeguard their films against rising piracy threat by introducing price hike in first two weeks.

Allu Aravind, Suresh Babu were key in those conversations and even though few producers opposed along with some distribuitors, exhibitors and theatre owners supported the hike.

With time, this ticket price hike underwent changes and today, it has become a norm for every big film to release with hiked prices during first weekend or first week at least.

Even Multiplexes have joined the single screens and the price hike is decided by local distributors in association with Exhibitors.

In Vizag area, the ticket rate has been increased to Rs. 300 for balcony and Rs. 150 for lower class. Families are sticking to TVs, digital streaming services due to this hike.

Dil Raju kind of experienced distributors advised the makers to release the film on 5th October if such hike is inevitable. But makers wanted 2nd October date and exhibitors thought fans will flock to theatres on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, even on Wednesday for repeats.

But ticket rates aren’t helping them at all. Saturday, is very dull for the film and Sunday, Monday have to show significant growth for the film to recover all the costs.

The recovery percentage can only be determined on 9th or 10th October after first week and when the holidays are over. Until then, like fans, exhibitors are also expecting change in collections during Sunday, Monday.

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