Trade buzz: Sye Raa Hindi Collections Hurt Fans!


Not even Team Sye Raa thought that they had a strong chance against Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s combined might, so they promoted the movie less in North India.

In fact, surprisingly, where Geeta Arts Allu Aravind would have scored maximum points as a producer, Ram Charan did go wrong or tried to underplay more than usual.

By this time, Sye Raa songs however bad or good they were, they would have been playing everywhere in Telugu states but jukebox of the film released a day before release.

Also, ads were given to Satellite channels but marketing strategy was not as strong as KGF Chapter 1 that did attack combined might of Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, Rohit Shetty – Ajay Devgn- Ranveer Singh – Karan Johar’s Simmba back to back weeks to survive and become a Pan India hit.

KGF became Kannada Industry’s Baahubali but after Saaho, when Telugu Film Industry’s mighty star is looking to go for Pan-India market who did Hindi Cinema 27 years ago, you expect more aggression but that lacked from team.

So, the opening Nett gross is less than 2 crores but some trackers are saying it is Rs. 1.55 crores and some Rs. 2.56 crores. Seems like there is no unanimous agreement on this number but everyone is saying War is a record opener in unified tone.

Well, the reviews are positive even from National media and Word of Mouth appears to be positive for the film even in North. We have to wait & see, if it can survive like KGF or will Megastar needs something like 2.0 with a willing Star like Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn or may be Ram Charan (after RRR) in his film to deliver a Pan-India success like Baahubali, which seems to be the new goal for Megastar.

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