Trailer Talk: Srimati 21F


Actress Sada, prominently known for her work in super hit films like ‘Jayam’ and ‘Aparichitudu’ is waiting for offers to boost her career. As desperate time calls for desperate measures, she decided to get into movies with bold content. She turned into a sex worker in her upcoming flick ‘Srimati 21F’.

Sada is seen in the trailer as a married women who gets into prostitution due to forced circumstances. The situations she faces and how tough she becomes forms the rest of the story. The actress is seen standing on the highway and flashing to lorry drivers. There may be some content in the film but the trailer is completely packed with intimate bedroom scenes and exploitation of the actress’s glamour. The dialogues too are lewd at times. Sada went completely bold for this film. On the whole, the trailer treads on the line between boldness and vulgarity.

The film is based on some true events of 1990’s and showcases the life story of a sex worker. The film is directed by Abdul Majid and will be releasing on November 1st.

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