Varma Getting Ready With ‘Hriday Kiran’?


Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is coming with movies in quick successions. After ‘Climax’ and ‘Naked’, he released ‘Power Star’ which created a huge controversy. Now, he came up with the trailer of ‘Murder’ based on the real-life incident of Maruthi Rao and Amrutha.

He is making a film to reportedly mock Nandamuri Balakrishna and named it ‘Aa Raatri Em Jarigindi’. Sources say that he is getting ready with the script of Uday Kiran’s life story. As we know, Uday Kiran is a lover boy of Tollywood in the early 2000s but his career went downhill and he ended up committing suicide.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the reason for his unsuccessful career and unfortunate death. Now, the news of Varma deciding to make a film on Uday Kiran is creating a lot of interest and reports are that he named the film ‘Hriday Kiran’.

Penning a script in a few days and filming it in a few weeks seems to be routine for RGV. He trying to make money out of every controversial subject and looks like ‘Hriday Kiran’ is going to be another addition in his list.