Venkatesh Rejected It But Ravi Teja Took It Up!


It is common to see scripts travelling from one desk of an actor or star to another. Some actors accept one kind of story and others take up the good portions and ask for directors to work around them more deleting the bad portions altogether.

Venkatesh is known for his patience while selecting a script and if he feels he is not suitable for it, he rejects it without taking much time.

Tharun Bhascker took one year to complete a script but Venkatesh did not like it and sources said that the actor felt he needs more mature characters than what Tharun had to offer.

Young director is working on another script and in the meantime, Trinadha Rao Nakkina also couldn’t impress the actor with his favorite write collaborator Bezawada Prasanna Kumar’s script.

The duo went to Ravi Teja and the actor gave a nod asking for changes. He even told them to concentrate on good portions and develope on those lines more, it seems.

He is ready to wait as much time as it takes for the script to be fool-proof and he doesn’t want to repeat Nela Ticket and Touch Chesi Choodu mistakes again, it seems.

Ravi Teja completed 95% of his portions for Disco Raja and hence, he started his next in Gopichand Malineni’s direction. Movie is about a cop and it has two powerful action blocks, sentiment scenes for the actor, it seems.