Venky Mama First Week Collections Report


Venky Mama released on 13th December to a grand opening day and weekend numbers. The movie looked set for a 30 crores first week share from Worldwide after a 21 crores weekend.

But the first week collections are now reported to be way below than expectations of trade after the weekend, as weekdays went below par from Tuesday.

With more films opening on Friday, the movie suffered with congestion. Till Thursday, movie had a free run but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday saw a slump during Morning and Matinee shows.

It is an indication that movie got only limited acceptance and it cannot repeat F2 success story for Venkatesh. As Ruler, Donga seem to have no effect at box office – 24th, 25th, 26th could be key dates for the film to earn better shares and achieve break-even status.

Prathi Roju Pandage seems to be only film that can be a true opposition as it too aims at similar section of audiences. Let’s wait and watch.

Here is the break-up for First week collections of Venky Mama;

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 8.60 Cr
Ceded 3.40 Cr
UA 3.25 Cr
Krishna 1.30 Cr
Guntur 1.75 Cr
East 1.76 Cr
West 1.06 Cr
Nellore 0.80Cr

Total AP/TS 21.92 Cr

Rest 4.30 Cr

Total Worldwide 26.22 Cr

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