Venky Thanks Fans For Venky Mama Success


Venkatesh is known for being a non-controversial hero. He never makes a statement that hurts his colleagues and fans. He also makes it a point to be energetic at the events, these days.

Earlier, he used to avoid the events as much as he can. But these days, he is soaking up all the positive vibes he get at the big events when he is among the fans.

He thanked his lady fans at Guntur success event of his latest film, Venky Mama, in which he shared screen with Naga Chaitanya. He said that due to his fans, he is enjoying such a big position in Industry and thanked them for their Love and affection.

He continued to say that his fans remain non-controversial like him and they should encourage every hero’s films like every hero fans does for him.

He said Industry will be happy when every film manages to recover money and he will be happy if Industry is happy.

His speech made his fans shout slogans for him and he asked them to shout for Naga Chaitanya and everyone in the team, before he concluded the speech.

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