Vijay Devarakonda Back To Dwaraka Mode?


Vijay Devarakonda after Arjun Reddy and mostly after his big speech before the release of the film, he became famous for his promotions.

He took over the mantle of promotions for Geetha Govindam, Taxiwaala, Nota and Dear Comrade. For the last film, he earned the name of being too indulgent and his ideas damaged the film said several inside reports.

The actor neither denied nor accepted such claims but he took the onus on him to make different promotional strategies work for the films.

NOTA and Dear Comrade both failed at box office. He tried to improve his market in other languages with both but that did not work.

So, for his next with Kranthi Madhav, he left it to the director and producers on how to promote the film, it seems.

He also told them that he won’t be involved in screenplay and story structure discussions also it seems. He wants to make the film as director envisioned, this time and see how it goes.

As per his next two to three films are concerned, he will try setting a strong base in Telugu before taking another chance with multi-linguals, it seems.

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