Vijay Devarakonda Doesn’t Want Distributors To Lose Money!


Normally, actors tend to believe that their market increased with one hit and if they find a blockbuster success like Geetha Govindam and have an image that Vijay Devarakonda enjoys, they would prefer to take profit shares and force producers to sell the rights for highest possible value.

Even Vijay himself, seemed to be encouraging that for quite sometime. But the actor isn’t doing it in actuality it seems.

He is thinking with a common sense and wants no distributor to lose money because of his films. So, he asked producers to not be greedy and sell his movie rights to reasonable amounts, it seems.

Dear Comrade business will close mostly under 30 crores which will ensure that movie won’t be a loss venture, unless it is a big bomb at the box office.

He believes in the film and the debutant director, Bharat Kamma, it seems. Still, his market is not solidly over 50 crores like that off Mahesh, Prabhas and Jr. NTR. Hence, he said that it is better to go for reasonable prices than greed, it seems. Clever, no?!

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