Vijay’s Stylist Talks About The Most Trolled Pink Outfit!


Vijay Deverakonda is a different star who never shies away to experiment on his looks and styling. His clicks in pink suit became a storm in the internet and he was trolled for his weird costume.

Talking about it, his personal stylist says that Vijay is somewhat getting into Ranveer zone at times which is fun sometimes. She said it while comparing the Tollywood Rowdy with the Bollywood star.

She explains that both have similar body type but dismisses the allegations of Vijay trying to copy Ranveer Singh. Vijay’s image is kept in mind while designing his dresses and that is reason behind the funky outfits as she explained.

Talking about the Pink suit, she said that they didn’t think it would become viral and they just tried to create a retro look. Whether you like it or not, Vijay is making headlines with his dresses and we are not sure what else he is going to try in the coming days as he is getting launched in Bollywood now.

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