Vikram’s Son Sweating Out For A New Look


Chiyaan Vikram’s son, Dhruv debuted to the silver screen with Adithya Varma and got a good response from the audience for his strong acting skills. He made a name for himself as an actor with his angry young man character from the very first film.

Now, the young hero is utilising the free time for shaping out his body by sweating hard in the gym. He has been rigorously working for a new look with the help of his trainer since the last few weeks alone in his farmhouse.

The young hero, who has already lined up two scripts, will finalize one of them for his next film. Dhruv is also trying on a new hairstyle as well as a sharp look.

All in all, Dhruv is planning to play the role of rough and energetic this time as well. We have to what and see what kind of film does Dhruv picks and when the project will start.

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