Viral: Mohan Babu Turns Telugu Tutor For V-N!


Mohan Babu is regarded as one of the Actors with impeccable command on Telugu language. The way he utters complicated dialogues effortlessly with variations in dialects and perfect pronunciation made him the best when it comes to dialogue delivery.

Collection King is like a child at heart whenever he gets to spend time with his grandchildren. In the video shared by Lakshmi Manchu on her social media handle, Mohan Babu made his Grand-Daughter recite the popular Telugu Poem ‘Uppu Kappurambu Nokka Polikanundu…’. He generated a bit of fun as well in the process.

While sharing the adorable moment captured by her, Lakshmi Manchu wrote: ‘Nanna teaching Nivi dialogues. Their bond is magnificent. Always brings me joy looking at both of them growing stronger each day’.

Some of the Followers tried to make Lakshmi realize it’s not a dialogue but poem. Others appreciated Mohan Babu for making his Granddaughter learn Telugu Poem.

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