Vishwak Wants To Be A Setupathi


Young hero cum director Vishwaksen who made his directorial debut recently with Falaknuma Das is busy working on a couple of interesting projects. The hero cum director has interacted with one of the leading online portals and shared some exciting things about his career and life in general.

Surprisingly, a statement that he made during the interview is creating a lot of doubts now. Apparently, Vishwaksen told that he wanted to become a Vijay Setupathi.

When asked about his inspiration, Vishwak told that he gets inspired by Setupathi. “I feel that Vijay Setupathi is a complete actor who can do any kind of role. I wanted to gain recognition like him and wanted people to see me as him. That is my dream.” told the actor to the media.

Vijay Setupathi underwent a lot of struggle to become the Makkal Selvan of Kollywood film industry and Vishwaksen is surely lagging a lot behind his inspiration. Getting inspiration is different from becoming one and we have to see what Vishwak will be upto!