Was Anushka In Love With That Hero?


Star heroine Anushka Shetty got a national wide craze post the success of ‘Baahubali’. After making her debut with ‘Super’, she rose to stardom very quickly. Called as ‘Sweety’ by her fans and friends, Anushka became a top actress in South India by acting with most of the star heroes. An interesting aspect of this adorable actor came out recently.

News about Anushka’s love life and relationships are of huge interest to the public. She was linked, attached and even married to some celebrities by the gossipmongers. These rumours didn’t stop even after Anushka’s clarification. There was fake news about Sweety dating Prabhas, Prakash Kovelamudi, a cricketer and even a rich businessman.

In a recent interview, she expressed her displeasure over people creating rumours about her personal life. She said that she does not like people peeking into her life. She added that she was also in love with a person around 2008 and they got separated due to some unexpected turn of events. She did not reveal the name of that person. She even stated that Prabhas is her very close friend.

With her recent statements, the focus has shifted towards the guy she loved. People are trying to find out his details and some of them say that he is a hero in Tollywood. They are claiming that they both acted in two films in a short span and their dating rumours created a lot of buzz at that time.

Currently, Anushka is focusing on the promotions of her upcoming release ‘Nishabdham’. She is coming back after a long time with this mystery thriller and let us see what happens.

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