Watch: Amala Paul Pranks Her Fans!


‘Aame’ will be the most memorable film in the career of Amala Paul. This Bold Flick with a social message earned her so much respect and success as well. Had if the movie released without any delay, It could have earned much better revenue in the Opening Weekend.

Amala Paul revived her career playing Kamini in a movie that breaks stereotypes. Post the release, She went on a theatre visit and even pranked her fans posing as a reporter. It was a memorable experience for Amala Paul to witness how much people loved her movie for which she has given it everything. Even the movie buffs who offered positive feedback were visibly surprised upon realising they were actually speaking to the Actress of the film they just watched.

Team Aadai (Tamil Version of Aame) is using the prank video for the publicity campaign. A message was conveyed that this flick isn’t just for Men but Women and Families can watch it without any hesitation.

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