Watch: Lakshmi’s NTR Nenem Chesano Song!


Ahead of the release of Lakshmi’s NTR, Ram Gopal Varma unveiled ‘Nenem Chesano’ song. This is a pathos which is intended to convey how Nandamuri Family conspired against Lakshmi Parvathi to distance her from NT Rama Rao. One must say this song isn’t very effective to build the buzz around the controversial flick.

RGV have the track record of creating ample curiosity among public with controversial subjects but failing to meet the expectations in the end. Will Lakshmi’s NTR end up as another such failed attempt?

Lakshmi’s NTR is hitting the screens on March 29th after crossing all the hurdles. TDP left no stone unturned to stall the release until April 11th, polling day in Andhra Pradesh. In the end, Varma had the last laugh by obtaining necessary clearance from the Censor Board and Election Commission.

Can Lakshmi’s NTR create a sensation at the Box Office? Will TDP Activists allow the screening of this movie which shows Chandrababu Naidu in poor light? Wait for two more days..!

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