Watch: Vijay Announces ‘Meeku Matram Cheptha’!


Vijay Deverakonda turned Producer with ‘Meeku Matram Cheptha’. This Flick marks the launch of ‘Pelli Choopulu’ Director Tarun Bhascker as the Hero.

Title Announcement of ‘Meeku Matrame Cheptha’ has been unique. Tarun Bhascker receives a phone call from Vijay Deverakonda while he was playing cricket to convey that he turned producer with an interesting script that came his way. Vijay surprises Tarun Bhascker by saying he choose him as Hero for his maiden production. Thereafter, Tarun asks what is the title. That’s how the funny conversation goes on..!

Then, Tarun Bhascker calls Abhinav Gomatam to inform about the title of his launch pad as hero. When the Title was revealed, The Comedian offers a sharp counter in return.

Tarun Bhascer did the role of police officer in ‘Falaknuma Das’. He even played cameo in ‘Mahanati’. Let’s see if he could carry the whole movie on his shoulders..!

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