Well, Pawan Kalyan Is Listening To Stories!


Pawan Kalyan said that he doesn’t want to do films and he wants to continue his life as a politician. But he kept the door open saying that he may act in films or produce them for his livelihood.

He is currently listening to stories and looking for the best possible line that suits his image as a star hero and as a politician as well.

NTR did Veerabhramendra Swamy, Chandasasanudu, Major Chandrakanth, Srinatha Kavisarwabhauma, Brahmashri Viswamitra as a politician and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (united). So, it is important for Pawan also to see that his next film has such weight and depth for him to go ahead.

Especially after three back to back disasters and that too after Agnyathavasi, he needs a strong script to make a comeback. But is he really listening to scripts?

Well, he is indeed listening to scripts and Ram Charan confirmed it in an interview. He said that his uncle is listening to stories but he isn’t accepting any, yet!

Soon, we may hear that Pawan is back as an actor or he may produce films with his family members as leads. Let’s wait and see.

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