What Did Our ‘Agent’ Go?


It is very hard to get recognition in the film industry and it is equally hard to take care of that fame as people tend to forget you easily. That is why heroes hire their own PR team to promote themselves.

Young and talented actor Naveen Polisetty entered Tollywood with ‘Life Is Beautiful’ and even did an important role in ‘1 Nenokkadine’. But he did not get enough recognition and fame which made him try his luck in Bollywood. He got popular with the Youtube videos of the ‘AIB’ channel.

But he got good craze in Telugu last year thanks to ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya’. This intelligently written film got a lot of accolades and even brought good profits. Naveen was praised a lot for his fluid performance. At the same time, his Hindi film ‘Chichchore’ got released and earned good revenues. Naveen suddenly became famous.

All this happened six months ago and there is zero updates over his upcoming projects. His next project under Swapna Dutt’s production titled ‘Tarajuvvalu’ is in the shooting process. There is zero buzz on Naveen whatsoever. It is high time that Naveen realizes that people may forget him if he takes such long gaps and releases updates over his next.

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