What Did They Discuss Really?


On Sunday, we asked our readers to try and come up with interesting captions for “Ram meets Mahesh” photo in “Is Ismart Shankar talking about Jana Gana Mana with Mahesh?” article.

That was a fun exercise and we see that many of you have read it. Thank you! But this is not a continuation for that.

The Industry itself is shocked to see Mahesh and Ram meeting like there is no bad blood and discussing something, hopefully about the movie.

Mahesh seemed to be highly pleased with Ram and Ismart Shankar actor, in between his press meets and Bigg Boss shoot, (as he is wearing same costume), took time to talk to Mahesh as well.

So, there seems to be nothing bad between them except for Puri Jagannath taking an issue with the delay in the decision making of Mahesh.

The director is now not stressing on the issue and Mahesh talking to Ram, indicates that the hero is not looking to make this a big issue, even if he works with the director again or not.

This is what surprising the Industry. Normally, we see heroes and directors nursing their egos for longer time but Mahesh seems to not belong to that category. Or he might be mighty pleased with Ram’s look and performance in the movie.

In any case, many wants to know what they might have talked about and some would have easily liked to be a fly on the wall or one of those others in the photo. Let’s see if we will ever find out?!

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