What Happened To ‘Aranya’?


After the massive success of ‘Baahubali’, Rana Daggubati became a popular actor all over the country. His immediate film ‘Ghazi’ was also appreciated by everyone which is why he lined up some multi-lingual films with universal appeal.One such film was ‘Aranya’ (‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ in Hindi). Directed by Prabhu Solomon, this film revolves around the life of Bandev, a jungle man who lives with elephants and fights against the urban society who try to exploit the forest resources and harm animals. This film was in the making for a very long time and the teaser generated a lot of buzz. It was supposed to hit the screens in April in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages but the plans were kept on hold due to Corona pandemic.

In the past few months, there is no buzz around this movie and people have started to forget about this movie. Even if the theatres are reopened, we need to see how many people walk into the theatres to watch this film. It may get good appreciation but experts say that there is no chance of having a pan-Indian release for ‘Aranya’ considering the current circumstances. Rana is currently focusing on his engagement and wedding with Miheeka Bajaj.

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