What If Dr. Rajasekhar Did Gulabhi?


We all remember the Meghalalo song from Gulabhi and even Ee vela lo neevu. The movie turned out to be cult hit in 90’s but Krishna Vamsi bettered himself with Ninne Pelladutha and Antahpuram.

Later, his Sindhooram, Murari and Khadgam made him one of the most talked about directors. His failure like Chandralekha from that initial time in his career is still enjoyed on TV.

Now, what if JD Chakravarthy did not act in Gulabhi? What if it was made with Rajasekhar as hero?

Well, Duvvasi Mohan, who later became an actor through EVV films, used to be producer, financer of films in 1990’s. JD went to him after listening to the story from Krishna Vamsi and asked him to help him.

Mohan likes the story and asked him to give it to him and he will make it with Dr. Rajasekhar as hero. During the time, Rajasekhar had a huge market and he used to give hits with commercial action films.

So, an out and out love story with him was a bad idea and Baazigar remake, Vetagadu proved it. JD did not budge and tried to sell off his house to produce the film.

RGV came as a saviour and produced the film, himself. He did not want JD to sell off his home. He did not have any confidence in the story from Krishna Vamsi but accepted it just for JD.

JD himself revealed all this in his Interview with Ali in a program. Now, if you just imagine how Gulabhi would have been with Rajasekhar, just like Seshu? Or to work KV would have made it as Om? Your guess is as good as ours!

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