What Really Made Chiru Hate Politics?


It is hard to understand sometimes, why people love something and why they hate it also. When they seem to love it alot in first place and then express extreme hatred towards it, people tend to try and dig deep to understand what might have transpired for a person to develop such high level of hatred.

Chiranjeevi did listen to many of his well-wishers in early 1990’s and did not get into politics, even though some media persons say that he had thoughts about entering politics, way back then.

But he had a strong determination to join them in 2000’s and few people from Congress, seniors to him and who belong to his community told him that they will be his guiding forces, if he decides to get into politics.

Slowly, his films showed that he is losing interest in his looks and by the time, he decided to enter politics in 2007, he almost gave up on trying to look young & healthy, on screen. His mind was on trying to become a sensation in politics.

He got his family support but outsiders made him look like a corrupt individual, which he couldn’t digest. He gave up on the party, even though he did get a start and joined Congress.

He was floated as the next big thing in AP Congress, but as the party seems to have no recovery in AP, he lost his complete interest in politics, one feels so.

He even asked his brother Pawan Kalyan to quit them and he tried to make amends with Vijayashanthi, who was projected as his political rival in Telangana and at the peak of his party popularity even in united AP.

He even told her to look into films more and help women away from politics than being in them. So, people who advised him to not get into politics are happy that he finally did quit but they are flabbergasted like everyone, to see him hate politics so much.

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