What Will Advi Sesh Decide About This Film?


When star status of the actors change, they become highly important to the money spinners than the persons like writers and directors.

Adivi Sesh gathered the power of audiences from young age as a good performer but depends majorly on the script, how he can sell the movie?!

He found from Kshanam, that the audience don’t mind you when they get a good script and Goodachari made him latest golden goose

When he looked like he can agree all the films, he agreed to specific films due to various reasons and a remake of 2 States is believed to be money.

The movie has been long in production as lead Adivi Sesh has issues with the director. The production company did not have money to take another hero and they are ready to go with new director.

Now, the actor doesn’t have any new dates for the film and he said that cast shouldn’t blame him as they would prefer to be his side after the truth is out.

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