What Will Happens When Theatres Open In April?


The Corona outbreak has created an irreparable loss to all the economies. The world shutdown is creating havoc in the lives of many. From Hollywood to Tollywood there is a crisis that is concerning everyone. Hollywood has stalled its productions, releases, and whatnot. They have totally locked down and are in the red zone due to the pandemic.

The Tollywood producers council also called for a Shutdown until March 31 but it is doubtful whether things come to normal in this short span. Now as the non-season of Tollywood is fast finishing, it remains to be seen whether the Govt. allows the theaters to function or not. One thing is for sure the cool-down period of the pandemic is 14 days for a patient and if the cases fall down, things resume back. If not we have to face severe losses say few producers.

Imagine the theaters are open, what will happen to films like ‘V’, ‘Nishabdam’, ‘Uppena’ which are in the forefront. All these films have no buzz at all in trade circles because of the lead actors in these films and they are not big-ticket films that fans consider to watch on Day1. So everyone is not bothered about theaters opening and all are chilling at home with OTT’s like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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