What’s Going Wrong Nani?


Hailed as one of the best actors in this generation, Natural star Nani used to be a safe bet for producers. Most of his films ended up with good profits despite average response from critics and audience alike. But, things are turning upside down for him these days.

Till last year, Nani was accused of playing it safe by picking youthful and family entertainers like ‘Nenu Local’ and ‘MCA’ though they were successful. Keeping the criticism in mind Nani changed his route and started choosing different subjects. His ‘Krishna Arjuna Yuddham’ had him playing dual roles and dealing with hard-hitting concept like human-trafficking. But, due to the glitches in narration the film became a failure. Then, he came up with ‘Jersey’. This time he delivered an award-worthy performance in a very emotional film. The film is a classic of all sorts but still ended up just surpassing the breakeven point with meagre profits.

Now his comic entertainer ‘Gang Leader’ gained positive talk on Day1 and collected decently on its first weekend. But, they fell quite drastically because of a mass film like ‘Valmiki’ coming immediately. Three weeks into the film’s run, it collected 23 crores while it was sold for 28 crores. With films like ‘Sye Raa’ and ‘War’ releasing this weekend, ‘Gang Leader’ is most likely result in losses. One cannot help but think where Nani is going wrong?

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