When Jacqueline Was Asked To Have A Nose Job!


Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most gorgeous heroines who can ever witness. She can simply make you go speechless with stunning looks and a sizzling body. Her glamour is what made her what she is today and there is no denying of that fact.

But there was a time when she was asked to change her looks by some people in Bollywood. It was during her initial days in the Hindi film industry where she was suggested to do a nose job in order to look beautiful. She said, “People used to tell me I have to be a certain way. They wanted me to make my eyebrows darker. And the one feature of mine which I loved since childhood was my nose and then, someone asks me to change my nose.”

Jacqueline even added that she was asked to change her name to Muskaan as Jacqueline Fernandez sounded too foreign. But the actress pushed away their suggestions and look where she is now with huge hits like ‘Kick’, ‘Race 2’, ‘Housefull 2 & 3’ and many others. She is working on some other interesting projects which are lined up for release this year.

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