When Sai Tej made Superheroes To Salute Our Heroes!


At a time when the whole world is being shut down due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the directors and police department are risking their lives and working for us. The doctors are living every moment of their life near the deadly virus just to take care of the people. There is nothing we could do but just to thank our real-life heroes and show us their respect.

That is what Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej did as he posted a picture of the superheroes like Batman, Ironman, Wonder Women, Superman and Captain America standing and paying respect to the doctors and others who are doing what others do not dare to do even in their dreams.

Sai wrote, “Lets take a moment to applaud the real heroes: the doctors, the nurses, the police the media and many others, who are working tirelessly, risking their lives, to serve us. Heroes don’t leap buildings or stop bullets with their hand; they don’t wear boots and capes.”

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