When Will Sharwanand Marry?


Sharwanand is a classmate of Rana and Ram Charan. He is regularly in-touch with both of them too. But he is not asked much about his marriage.

But recently, he is also been hit by such questions where he had to give an answer for people to not ask about it repeatedly.

Ranarangam promotional interviews mandatorily have such questions and Sharwanand answered to few but gave a definitive answer than before.

He normally used to say, his family is thinking about his marriage and he will not answer on that topic. But in a recent interview he told that he will announce soon about it but he has no immediate plans.

He said that he is not waiting for someone but if his family finds one or if he happens to meet someone, he will announce to the world about it.

Later he said that he always go to a holiday to New York and like the life there. He tries to live on his on in the busiest city on Planet Earth, it seems.

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