Which Politician Did Poonam Called ‘Liar’?


Actress Poonam Kaur who is known for her supporting characters in films like ‘Vinayakudu’, ‘Shouryam’, ‘Attack’, ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’, and others hasn’t acted in any recent flicks. She chose to lay low after criticizing Pawan Kalyan during the assembly elections and haven’t been in news since then.

Out of the blue, she made a tweet yesterday which is causing ripples in social media and especially among Pawan’s fans. She tweeted, “A liar can become a politician but never a leader.” She also added “#justathought” which means it is just a random thought in her brain. Though she mentioned no one in the tweet, fans of Pawan Kalyan feel that it was aimed at their hero and started trolling her while anti-fans started supporting her tweet. This way, a mini-war started in her comment section.

While it is still unsure about whom she aimed that tweet, she definitely sparked a controversy.

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