Who Hinted About Prabhas Political Entry?


Prabhas kept maintaining that Politics isn’t his cup of tea. Almost everyone who knew the nature of Young Rebel feel someone like him can never become a politician. Much to everyone’s shock, A Family Member of the Baahubali Star hinted about the possibility of political debut.

In an interview, Krishnam Raju’s Wife Shyamala Devi was asked whether if Prabhas forays into politics to continue the family legacy. She replied, ‘No confirmation can be given as of now but it might happen in future if such a situation arises. Right now, He is focussing only on films’.

Never did Krishnam Raju hint about the possibility of Prabhas making political entry but his Wife believes there is a chance. Why is it so? Was she follow ‘Never Say Never’ policy here??

If at all he wishes to foray into politics, Prabhas might join one of the two national parties due to his Pan-India appeal. Mostly, It could be BJP with which his Uncle has been closely associated. For now, Nobody could look at Prabhas as a politician. Who knows? Anything can happen in future!

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