Who Was The Writer Of That Fake Letter To RGV?


It is known that Ram Gopal Varma announced his upcoming film ‘Murder’ based on the story of Maruthi Rao and Amrutha on Father’s Day. Within a few hours of his announcement, an open letter thrashing RGV for trying to cash in on the emotions of other people came out and it went viral.The letter was in the name of Amrutha and people started believing it. Interestingly, well-known newspapers like Eenadu and Andhrajyothy published news articles about it with Amrutha’s name and photo attached. Balaswamy, who is the father-in-law of Amrutha clarified that their daughter-in-law did not write any such letter and Eenadu had to came up with another piece agreeing that it was untrue.Responding to the letter, RGV tweeted, “Whether Amrutha wrote it or some jobless over enthusiast wrote it , I felt obligated to respond to it to clarify the concerns in the minds of whoever is needlessly concerned about what I will show in MURDER.”The letter was reportedly written by a person called Praneeth Yaron and he immediately replied to Varma by writing, “I am a film maker. A responsible film maker. Google my name to know more about me. And my job is to address your psyche and people like you in the society, mostly your target audience. Thanks for narrowing down perverts in such a huge population.”

Srikanth Iyyangar is playing the lead role in ‘MURDER’ wile Anand Chandra is directing this film under RGV’s guidance. Let us wait and see what other controversies this film creates in the next few days.

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