Why Did Trisha Really Leave Chiru’s ‘Acharya’?


As soon as the news broke out about Trisha’s withdrawal from the highly-anticipated film ‘Acharya’ starring Chiranjeevi, it went viral and people were shocked to hear it. It has been a long time since Trisha appeared on the Telugu screen. The star actress who rose to fame rapidly in Tollywood went down at the same speed. Getting the role of heroine in a Chiranjeevi’s film was a big opportunity and people are scratching their heads about why she backed out from the project all of a sudden.

She stated that she was not delivered what was promised. But the insiders say that the inclusion of Ram Charan is the main reason behind her exit. Acting as a heroine of Chiru while Ram Charan plays an important role would damage her chances of pairing up with younger heroes in the future. Also, they planned to rope in another young heroine for Ram Charan which did not go well with the dusky siren.

With all these factors coming into play, Trisha decided to step out of the film gracefully. Her exit became a boon for other actresses. Information says that Kajal Agarwal is the front-runner for this role while Koratala is considering other options too.

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