Why Didn’t A Straight Telugu Film Have A Direct OTT Release Till Now?


In the last few weeks, three noted films were directly released on the OTT platforms. While one film is from Hindi, the other two are Tamil films. There is a lot of discussion going on around direct OTT release in Tollywood but not one film released till now.Going into the details, there are only a few OTT platforms who can release Telugu films directly. Of all the streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, SuNext, Zee5, Hotstar and Aha, it is Amazon Prime which is trying to pressurize the Telugu makers to have a direct OTT release. Seeing them, ‘Aha’ is also willing to release films directly but none of the big filmmakers are showing any interest in ‘Aha’. Only films that are not able to get a theatrical release are selling their films to ‘Aha’.Till now, Amazon Prime did not have a direct Telugu release. Even ‘Penguin’ was a Tamil film that was dubbed into Telugu.Inside sources say that a lot of Telugu producers are willing to release their films in the OTT platforms but it is the heroes that are not accepting it. They are reportedly fearing that releasing on digital medium directly may affect their market and are threatening the producers to not work with them again. Also, talk is that most of the producers sold the non-theatrical rights to heroes and if the films have a direct OTT release, the entire money will go to the heroes which is why some producers are not willing the release them directly on streaming sites.

On the other hand, the digital platforms are pressuring the producers by reportedly threatening them of not buying the rest of their films if the current films are not sold to them. We need to wait and see how things shape up in the coming days.

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