Why Is Megastar So Popular?


Megastar Chiranjeevi is an enigma and not just a star in Telugu Cinema. He worked hard for a day meal in his early days but today, no technician in Industry can say that they are not inspired by him.

He always maintained a great relationship with all his friends from early days and after almost all bigwigs of Telugu Cinema have passed away or in a stage where they can’t take up any active jobs, he stepped up as eldest and most influential person in Industry.

He has been attending for events of youngsters and even been giving his best wishes to all those who saw success with encouraging words.

Why is he so important? Why is he so loved? Why is he so cherished and what is his contribution?

As his birthday is here, let’s discuss what is the value of his contribution to Telugu Cinema, mainly. Telugu Cinema was a bit stuck in storytelling and new wave filmmakers faced challenges to deal senior actors in their stories.

Some were good at it but some stories needed younger stars. Murali Mohan, Chandramohan, Sridhar and few others couldn’t really stand up to the mass aspirations of youth as they were categorised as class and family heroes.

Madala Ranga Rao and younger actors started bringing communist ideals based stories to the forefront and created a wave as well.

Chiranjeevi gained an audience through his early movies as a young hero who entertains, proved himself as an actor in films of K. Balachander, Bapu and then started building on the good name he gained as a hero.

Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya became his biggest hit before Khaidi and the mix of novel action elements with new wave angry young man story, Khaidi created a sensation.

With such a massive hit, Chiranjeevi changed the way films are made in Telugu Cinema. The same story based filmmaking which is getting routine, now started to add a new flavor, screenplay based narration.

New narrative style, change in action episodes, special dance songs were added to the commercial formula of Telugu Cinema and it changed the market dynamics.

He dominated so much during his peak that audiences expected dance from every hero, stylish flights in every film and comedy in every movie.

But he did broke the mould with Challenge, Abhilasha, Swayamkrushi, Rudraveena which are revered as classics today. His arrival gave a new wind to dying formula and his arrival made many dream big with talent as their best and only option to success than anything else.

We wish Megastar Chiranjeevi many many more happy birthdays with good health and hope to see Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy become a memorable film, success for the actor, Telugu Cinema.

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