Why Is Saaho Star-Making False Promises?


After Baahubali, Prabhas has become a pan-Indian actor and got a nationwide craze but at the same time, it has lowered his work rate in the films. He worked only for Baaahubli for five long years by not signing any other project. The two parts of the film were released with a gap of two years.

Now, he took another two and a half years to come up with his new film Saaho. At the pre-release event of the film, Prabahs said, “Every time I promise my fans that I will do two films a year, but this time I will do two films by not promising anything.” Well, the actor currently has one project in hand right now, which is Jaan.

Prabhas is making the same statement during his recent interviews too. Meanwhile, Prabhas’ market value and stardom have reached newer heights after Baahubali and his inclusion will automatically increase the scale of his films. In that case, it is highly impossible for him to come up with two films a year. Even he knows the fact. But still, he is making fake promises.

Why does he need to do that? It is better to stop making these promises and throw his fans into false hopes.

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