Why Is Sam Talking About Her Relationships Now?


Every person’s life has at least one failed love story. It may be one-sided or mutual, it may be because of parents denying their love, it may have to do with problem in either the boy or the girl. Whatever the reason is, having a failed relationship and experiencing the sadness and pain it causes is common for everyone. Even celebrities are no exception from it. Star heroine Samantha was also in one such relationship.

Samantha Akkineni was recently tagged as the ‘Most Desirable Women’ by Times of India. Speaking to the daily, Sam indirectly discussed about her past relationship saying, “Even I would have fallen into such a crisis in my personal life as Savitri did. But thankfully I realized it in the beginning and walked out of the relationship as soon as I sensed that it could end up bad. And then I’m blessed to have a person like Naga Chaitanya in my life. He’s a gem of everything.”

Prior to her marriage, Samantha-Siddharth relationship was a hot-topic in the media. Sam never openly agreed it and never showed interest in talking about it which is why they just ended up as mere rumours. After all these years and especially after marriage to Chaitanya, Sam saying that her life would have become like Savitri’s is becoming a sensation. She indirectly clarified that she was in love before marriage.

Above all, not many knew about Sam-Siddharth’s relationship but Sam talking about it now is grabbing unwanted attention. It will all go down calmly if Siddharth takes the high road. But if he comments on it, this controversy would go on like a daily soap-opera.

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