Why Is There Zero Buzz On ‘Aha’!Why Is There Zero Buzz On ‘Aha’!


A lot of caution and promotion is needed to make an OTT platform successful. We usually say first impression is the best impression but ‘Aha’ failed on that aspect. Coming from a person like Allu Aravind, people normally expect it be successful but things did not happen that way. Experts are trying to find reasons for its average response and they found a few.

Despite the app being launched grandly, the streaming site wasn’t promoted aggressively. The site did not have a crazy and new hit films in it. The web-series weren’t that engaging and it had stars that are fading away in big screen.

But the weak promotions is one of the biggest reasons as said by the analysts. A small commercial website gets itself promoted a lot before coming in full flow. There is no scope for error in this competition world. But ‘Aha’ did not go into the public due to lack of promotions. A good 60-70 percent Telugu people are still not aware of it. If it needs to be successful, it has to stream some interesting films and produce some strong content. Hope team ‘Aha’ realises it before it is too late.

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