Why Upasana Is Backing Out In That Aspect?


Popular philanthropist and Mega Powerstar Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni is setting up an example for all the other female entrepreneurs by achieving a lot at a very young age. It is known that Upasana is a fitness freak and health-conscious person and she also gives health tips to her followers on social media.

Recently, she started hosting a chat show where she interacts with various celebrities who talk about the importance of maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Till now popular celebs like Salman Khan, Samantha, Sania Mirza and Katrina Kaif have participated in the show. Now, it is the turn of Upasana’s father-in-law and Megastar Chiranjeevi.

The promo of this interview was out the other day and keeping aside its content, one would be highly disappointed with the quality of the show. The show is lit up badly with poor production values. A person of Upasana’s stature can afford to make a show no less than Koffee with Karan. If not of that level, she can at least maintain decent technical standards in the videos, but they are just below-par in every aspect. Hope she relaizes it and makes sure to make some high quality videos from next time.

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