Will fans listen to the stars?


Fans have a habit of showing their love towards an actor in a huge way, by spending money on celebrations when their favorite actor movie releases.

They don’t wait for the permissions of Police officials and spend more than thousands, even lakhs in showing their love with flexies, big posters, banners, cut-outs, standees and then, they pour milk on the hoardings as well.

In Tamil Nadu, a hoarding fell on a woman who was travelling by that way and before she could get up, a lorry hit her and she died on the spot.

This made many question the hoardings culture and AIADMK politician put up the hoarding for his daughter’s marriage apologised and sent money to the victim’s family.

Now, the discussion has gone to the stars asking them to respond on this. Vijay, Suriya asked fans to stop installing hoardings at places without permission and they even asked fans to celebrate in groups at theatres but not on roads obstructing traffic.

Ajith already distanced himself from fans and their activities. Kamal Hassan asked fans to re-think about such activities and asked them to complain to police if someone is doing anything illegal.

Rajnikanth also condemned the installation of hoardings. Well, now it is up to the fans to listen to them, will they?

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