Will Nagarjuna Analyse Mistakes of Manmadhudu-2?


Manmadhudu-2 collected good 5 crores share on first day including hires from different areas but his movie got grave bad reviews from his fans and some of them even wrote open letters and some stated that they cannot be fans any longer.

Their major accusation on Nag is that he did not consider their aspirations for years and now, he is self diluting his own films.

Manmadhudu became a classic, gave him a name as Cupid of Telugu Cinema but the movie had Trivikram Srinivas’s writing abilities and Vijay Bhaskar’s directorial class, Devi Sri Prasad’s melodious tunes.

We cannot skip one from that movie and say that it will still be a whole. A continuation to that film shouldn’t be lame adult movie with comedy that no one can feel comfortable about.

Not just that, Rahul Ravidran did not show any class in handling a hero like him on screen and his scenes looked like those borrowed from B-Grade Hindi films.

He could have re imagined the story better and Nag ignoring Trivikram and his ability hurt the fans of the writer-director even more. Nag himself not valuing Manmadhudu more to make a better film as part of franchise, is hurting them as well.

One can only expect Nagarjuna to analyse what happend and where did everything go wrong as he did during Bhai and come back stronger. Also, he shouldn’t disregard any talent that worked for his film for any reason as that puts forth a wrong precedent for other actors going forward.

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