Will People Call Adivi Sesh, ”Thrilling Star”?


Mahesh Babu got Superstar tag and Prince tag from fans as his father Krishna got Superstar tag earlier. Mahesh earned the tag with Pokiri, Okkadu kind of films but his Prince tag came due to his looks and first film.

Balakrishna is called Yuvaratna as NTR got Nataratna tag. Later Balakrishna got Natasimha, due to his films with “Simha” connection became successful.

Similarly, Nagarjuna got Yuvasamrat from Natasamrat tag of ANR and later got Manmadhudu, Greekuveerudu, Celluloid Scientist tags corresponding to his films.

Chiranjeevi became Supreme Hero due to his meteoric rise after Khaidi and he became Megastar as he outshined then top hero, Superstar at Box Office. Venkatesh got the tag Victory, as his films became super hits continuously.

Now, Nani became Natural Star as his acting in films was called realistic. Vijay Devarakonda got Rowdy tag due to his rebellious attitude on screen and Mohan Babu became Dialogue King due to his dialogue delivery on screen.

The matter is that people Iike to give tags to actors as a reference to their on screen persona and films. Adivi Sesh with Kshanam, Goodachari became an identity for thrillers on Telugu film screen.

If Kshanam is a suspense thriller, Goodachari is an investigative spy thriller. Now, Evaru his next release looks like another thriller. So, soon people might call him “Thrilling Star” on screen and off-screen.

P.S.: If this tag catches, remember Tupaki.com gave that to him, first!!

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