Will Puri Set Mass Masala Trend Again?


We are not against films that earn money and not even remotely against the films that are commercial to the core. But Ismart Shankar had big issues that cannot be ignored as mass masala.

Puri Jagannath, the writer-director and producer himself said that he did know critics will find faults with his movie and he doesn’t care about it.

His movie did get audiences approval. To know the extent, we can just look at RTC X-Roads, Hyderabad collections of the movie which was the major center for all the movies until multiplexes took over.

The movie collected 45 lakhs plus from just 4 days and it is pulling 70% to 90% house fulls on the weekdays too. Such is the impact of a good Mass masala film that audiences accept.

It collected better than Brochevarevura, Oh Baby and Dorasani, all combined cumulative till date grosses over 10 to 12 days in just 4 days.

Looking at this many filmmakers could try to go Puri way for mass masala but Puri’s style has more unique acceptance and this came after years when almost everyone gave up on him.

Still, his films have issues and we hope people will find better mass masala scripts than just trying to replicate Ismart Shankar like Pokiri.

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