Will ‘Queen’ Kangana do Aadai remake?


Kangana Ranaut is looking to try different stories and increase her box office appeal while her acting talents are put on full display.

She announced biopic of ex-CM of Tamil Nadu, ‘Amma’ Jayalalitha who died few years ago, but the movie might happen or it might not. Production has run into troubles according to few reports.

Now, we heard that Vikram Bhatt, director of Raaz franchise bought the rights to remake Aadai film.

Aadai became famous as Amala Paul decided to act nude for more than 45 minutes in the film. The director is known for making thrillers and horror movies, lately.

He can handle this story and genre very well. He is thinking about asking Kangana Ranaut to play the lead, it seems.

She did act nude for few seconds in Gangster and Raaz-2 films before but for very few seconds. Will she take this challenge?

Even if she takes it up, can she maintain professionality and not involve too much in the script? She has been facing major allegations on that front from different movie teams.

Director Krish said that she spoilt his well grown flower and crushed it with her over indulgence, describing her involvement in Manikarnika film production. How will she behave with Vikram Bhatt, who is one of the first few filmmakers to identify her? Lets wait and see.