Will This “Be Smart” Way To Go Forward For Her?


Charmee decided to take up production in association with Puri Jagannath when she had plans to make Jyothi lakshmi. The movie failed and she parted ways with Puri.

Later, Puri Jagannath started Puri Connects, a casting agency and Charmee joined him. She executive produced Paisa Vasool and also made a decision to join Puri Jagannath full time.

She became his executive producer and also partner in production. She overlooked Mehbooba and the movie tanked.

Puri Jagannath on his own decided to produce films for his son and gave his assistant a chance to direct, while he wrote the script. He decided to work with Ram and started Ismart Shankar.

Movie trailers seemed really weird but the fashions from the movie caught on. Youngsters liked the styles and hence, Charmee and Puri introduced Be Ismart brand.

As the response is good, Charmee announced that the brand will continue operations and started website for sales. Just like Rowdy from Vijay Devarakonda, this could also be a great alternative for actors, directors even to launch brands or clothing related to their films as part of merchandising.

Earlier in 1980’s and 1990’s shopkeepers used to sell clothes in the name of heroines and heroes, as their dressing from films used to attract youth. Despite of success or failure, making clothes and new designs could help promotions and get some cash into producers accounts.

For Charmee and even Puri Jagannath, if Ismart Shankar fails, they can still keep the brand going by launching new varieties from Puri’s early movies reworking the Ismart designs. Smart choice, right?!

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