Woman Cricketer Bares It All!


England Women Cricketer Sarah Taylor posed nude for a cause. In her latest social media post, The Wicket Keeper-Batsman bared it all for Women’s Health Magazine which creates awareness about physical and mental health of females.

Sarah Taylor struggled from stress and anxiety issues in the recent months. She herself decided against playing Women’s Ashes Series because of the health issues. It wasn’t easy for Sarah to pose nude but somehow she managed to so and feels proud of herself Today. ‘A little out of my comfort zone, but I’m so proud of myself. I’ve always had issues with my body and I had to get over a few in order to do this and it was completely empowering. Every other girl looks stunning!Please remember EVERY woman is BEAUTIFUL,’ she wrote.

With the gutsy step, Sarah Taylor became a global celebrity. From a struggler, She has now become an Inspirational Lady. Well Done Babe!

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